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Flashes of Insight: Gateways to Mindfulness

In a sound-bite world of tweets and snaps, where do we turn to find depth?
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Book cover for If It Wasn't For That Dog! Bright yellow cover with red text. Image shows Matt the hearing dog looking up at the camera.
If It Wasn't For That Dog!
It’s amazing what you can achieve with persistence, a bit of chopped liver and a second hand teddy bear...
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Book cover for Vicious. Against a day-glow pink background, a page of text from inside the book is overwritten by the title, Vicious in daubed yellow paint
Vicious: A novel of punk rock and the second coming
It’s 2008. For thirty years, Tolly’s been waiting for the reincarnation of rock star Sid Vicious who’s definitely coming back to love her.
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Book cover for Dragonsong. The large head of a dragon sits on a dark background with the title in orange gold lettering.
Seeking revenge for her father's murder of her lover, Rebekah, daughter of Merlin, is changed into a dragon, not knowing he is innocent.
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A Home For Other Gods: I started reading this book and felt compelled to finish it the same day. A frighteningly ludicrous vision beyond George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four.
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A Pound of Peace