Street Life

Street Life is a new collection of short stories on the theme of homeless, sold in aid of the charity Emmaus Cornwall which has been set up to assist those who have no home. The anthology depict homelessness in many forms: human, animal, in the city, countryside, and even in the world of ghosts.

There are both contemporary and historical tales; a rich mix. Some are uplifting, others sad, but most of all hope shines through.These stories have been donated by accomplished and best-selling authors with links to the South West of England, all willing to give their time for the amazing charity Emmaus Cornwall.

And yes, the book contains a Michael Forester short story, Samphire, which, like all my stories, contains a thought provoking twist.

By buying this book you will guarantee yourself a good read. More important, you will be doing a great deal of good to some folk you will never meet who are very much in need of your help.

My copy is on order. You can buy yours here on Amazon: Buy Street Life

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