Sell-out at the Dorest County Show

What an amazing weekend we had at the Dorset County Show. A one day show record of well of 100 books sold on the first day was followed on the second day by a visit from Lord Julian Fellowes, writer and co-producer of Downton Abbey and Sunday Times best selling author being amongst his many outstanding achievements. Lady Fellows immediately homed in on and bought a copy of Dragonsong because, as she explained, their house is called The House of Dragons.

If that wasn't enough we came within five copies of selling out of The Goblin Child (and yes, I shall be careful to take more copies to the next show as it's clearly on a roll this year) as well as meeting many, many returning customers who, having enjoyed their first Michael Forester book immensely, returned for more.

Onwards and upwards - as we move into early autumn our next event is the Romsey Show where we look forward to meeting many more friends, old and new.

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