Away With The Fairies!

What an amazing event The New Forest Fairy Festival is. Down in Burley in the New Forest, thousands of fairy lovers gather for music, theatre, games - and of course Michael Forester's Books. This year we sweltered through 30 degree heat, downing bottles of water by the dozen and ice creams by the... well, let's not count - it was time off and the fairies were at play.

I met so many fantastic people! Pictured with me here is Dominic, who is eight years old and has had his cochlear implant for six year - just like me (well, I'm not eight, of course, but you get my drift!). All too soon it was over and as the fairies flew home, we traders were left to pack up. Still, for me it was a close one as I live just eight miles away, so I was even home in time for tea. Huge thanks to Holly Norman and her team for organising another tremendous show. And I look forward to seeing all you fairies again next year - unless of course I will find you sooner than that at the bottom of my garden!

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