Forest Rain

Forest Rain

“Seek me, not in the words, but in the spaces in between.”


This unique collection of essays, metaphors and verse has been called one of the great books of all time, a book that will open doors inyour heart and mind. Here, you will find:


·     The soul awakening that follows a near death experience

·     The unseen protectors who are always about us, guiding our life journey

·     The love we pursue relentlessly until we realise that it was always seeking us

·     The power of tears to heal the pain of loss

·     The high places of the heart, where we see across death and into eternity


Forest Rain will lead you on a journey into your own soul, to face your fears, your regrets and your life purpose and so to find the lovethat has always awaited you.


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5 Stars From the Soul! This collection of essays, metaphors and verse by Michael Forester is remarkable. The words almost float across the pages of Forest Rain. I enjoyed reading this collection and entering the mind of this prolific poet. Such a wonderful read. My favorite was Am I a writer, which was the first one, and I thought that was so poetic, because as writers, we ask ourselves that all of the time. Writing is more than putting words on paper. This collection is not just poetry, but it is poetic, whether it is an essay, metaphor or a simple verse, and no verse is simple, to be honest. Michael Forester has a very unique way of writing, and write in many different genres and perspectives, and this book, every single read will touch your soul, you'll feel emotions of the words and how they are put together. Words are more than just words when they make you think, or make you feel. This collection does this, and I can't wait to read the other books in this Forest Series. As Michael wrote in From the Darkness, 'no judge passed sentence on my lonely hard ... no man decreed that chained in isolation I should dwell.' I look forward to reading more by this poet. This book is a definite recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews.
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Declaration of Self Worth

Weep and heal, my friend, weep and heal. And, as you weep, anoint me with the tears that wash away your pain, that I, too, may take the healing you pour into your weeping.

We have allowed the leaches to bleed us dry, for fear of losing what we never had.

We have listened until mesmerised by the words that proclaim our inadequacies in the eyes of another. We have screamed in silent agony at the withdrawal of conditional love whose requirements we can no longer satisfy. We have shaken in misery at the prospect of losing love that was not love.

We have been fashioned in the same furnace, you and I. We have held the same pain in our hearts, giving until we can give no more. We have faced the same dark pit of depression and learned slowly and painfully to drag ourselves up its rocky walls. We have emerged from the edge with bleeding hands and knees, but stronger, much stronger in the knowledge that we are survivors.

We have recognised that without unconditional love, there is no life worth clinging to. We have contemplated death in the face of loneliness. We have reached beyond the limits of endurance and known the angels stoop to carry us when we can walk no more. We have sat in silent meditation and confronted lives of transparent emptiness for future decades that we believe we cannot endure.

We have acknowledged our own fault-line cracks, confronted our own weaknesses and declared them to be intrinsic to our humanity. We have asserted our need, our right to be loved for who we are, not for what we give or for how effectively we transform ourselves into that which the object of our love would have us be.

We are resolute: no more will we cut our hands and feet as we dance around the altar of another’s whims in forlorn hope that our Deity will come to ignite the sacrifice. No more will we throw the children of our own undeveloped aspirations into the volcanoes of appeasement to placate the angry gods and goddesses.

We have taken the surgeon’s knife of separation to the cancer of co-dependency in a final act of self-absolution.

We will no longer supplicate with the congregations of the acquiescent that worship in the cathedrals of self-deprecation.

We have determined that NOW, is the time to rise, that NOW, we shall reach for the light, that NOW, we shall claim our birth right in the grace of new intimacy, that NOW, we shall lay hold of the promise of infusing joy.

We are the survivors of love grown cold.

We have learned that we are worthy.

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