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Blogpost 80: The times should be a-changing


Come Christians and Muslims wherever you areAnd gather together, connect from afarAbandon your weapons and follow your StarIf Humanity yet is worth savingThen lay down your arms in the graves you have dugFor the times, they should be a-changing.Come presidents, ministers, take some adviceAcknowledge you’re sailing straight into the iceAnd the world you leave freezing is paying the priceWhile the deckchairs you’re just rearrangingSo turn the ship round or you’ll run it agroundFor the times, they should be a-changing.Come crystal ball gazers who forecast aheadThat bright rosy future you’ve surely misreadFor the hands of your leaders are dripping with redWith the fingers on triggers unchangingYou draw lines in the sand cos you don’t understandthat the times they should be a-changing.Come bold aviators who never leave homeWho live by the sword and who kill by the droneYou’ll never forget napalm burns to the boneFor the screams of the children you’re causingCould be your babes in arms in your own towns and farmsAnd the times, they should be a-changing.The Syrian children are dropping down deadSomalian children are begging for breadWhile the war you should win is the one in your headYour insanity surely is ragingWhen the screams that you hear come from those you hold dearAnd the times they should be a-changingAmericans, Russians and British and FrenchHow long can you choose to remain on the fence?The children are burning - you must smell the stenchAnd they drown in the cash you’re exchangingYou can’t buy back your soul with a bigger bankrollWhile the times, they should be a-changing.So mount your parades and take your salutesFrom the turning of heads and the stamping of bootsWhile you sit on thrones like so many CanutesAs the waves that engulf you are ragingSee that victory roll? It’s infected your soulFor the times they are a-changing.We’re tired of your killing for profit and gainWe’re so sick and so weary we’re starting againFor Your merciless killing has rotted your brainsAnd we’ve no place for madmen’s flag wavingSo get down and repent for the word heaven sentIs your heart it should be a-changing.

(c) Michael Forester

With profound gratitude to Bob Dylan

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